Margaret Mazzolini

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When facilitating asynchronous discussion forums, should online instructors be encouraged to take a prominent ‘sage on the stage’ role, a more constructivist ‘guide on the side’ role, or an ultra low profile as ‘the ghost in the wings’? There is no shortage of anecdotal advice on how to conduct discussion forums in online education, but there appears to be(More)
NMDA channels are key targets for lead (Pb2+) neurotoxicity and Pb2+-induced inhibition of NMDA current is age- and subunit-dependent. In rat cerebellar granule cells maintained in high KCl, glycine affinity as well as sensitivity to ifenprodil change significantly with the days in vitro, indicating a reduction of NR2B subunit expression. Pb2+ blocked NMDA(More)
The pathways of lead (Pb(2+)) uptake were studied in fura-2-loaded cerebellar granule cells from 8-day-old rats. In a nominal Ca-free external bath, Pb(2+) (5-50 microM) determined an increase of the fluorescence emission ratio (R = E(340)/E(380)) even in the absence of any specific stimulus. This rise was dose-dependent, was not significantly affected by(More)
As asynchronous discussion forums become more prevalent in online and flexible-delivery modes of teaching, understanding the role that instructors play in student learning in these forums becomes an important issue. Whether the instructor chooses to lead discussions or to keep a low profile can affect student participation in surprising ways. In this study,(More)
In this study we have investigated aspects of women students’ participation in asynchronous discussion forums in an online education context where the women were heavily outnumbered by men. We found that the perceptions of the women concerning how often they participated and the grade they expected, as compared to the men, did not necessarily agree with a(More)
We report the discovery of a group of galaxies at redshift 2.38. We imaged ∼ 10% of a claimed supercluster of QSO absorption-lines at z = 2.38 (Francis & Hewett 1993). In this small field (2 radius) we detect two Ly-α emitting galaxies. The discovery of two such galaxies in our tiny field supports Francis & Hewett’s interpretation of the absorption-line(More)
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