Margaret Man-Ger Sun

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OBJECTIVE Male rats transgenic for HLA-B27 and human β(2) -microglobulin (hβ(2) m) spontaneously develop epididymoorchitis (EO) preceding the development of spondylarthritis (SpA). In the specific B27/hβ(2) m-transgenic rat cross-strain (21-3 × 382-2)F(1) , only the males develop SpA, and neither sex develops gut inflammation. This study was undertaken to(More)
Most of our bones form through the process of endochondral ossification, which is tightly regulated by the activity of the cartilage growth plate. Chondrocyte maturation through the various stages of growth plate physiology ultimately results in hypertrophy. Chondrocyte hypertrophy is an essential contributor to longitudinal bone growth, but recent data(More)
Joint homeostasis failure can result in osteoarthritis (OA). Currently, there are no treatments to alter disease progression in OA, but targeting early changes in cellular behavior has great potential. Recent data show that nuclear receptors contribute to the pathogenesis of OA and could be viable therapeutic targets, but their molecular mechanisms in(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Despite the tremendous individual suffering and socioeconomic burden caused by osteoarthritis, there are currently no effective disease-modifying treatment options. This is in part because of our incomplete understanding of osteoarthritis disease mechanism. This review summarizes recent developments in therapeutic targets identified from(More)
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