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Proper latin terminology for the cavum septi pellucidi.
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Hell and its Afterlife: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Contents: Introduction: holding ajar the gates of Hell, Isabel Moreira and Margaret Toscano Part I The Tradition of Hell in the Old World: Love is Hell: torment, sex, and redemption in the Cupid andExpand
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Class, Chaos, and Control in Rome
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Homer Meets the Coen Brothers: Memory as Artistic Pastiche in O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Coen brothers' 2000 film O Brother, Where Art Thou? presents an intriguing and unusual case for the question of whether historical accuracy is important in films that use classical antiquity as aExpand
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The Eyes Have It: Female Desire on Attic Greek Vases
This paper challenges the simple dichotomy that sees women either as degraded sex objects (on everyday symposium cups) or as powerful threats to males (in mythological scenes) on Athenian vases ofExpand
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Mormons and Mormonism as a Political Force
in Nephi’s vision in the Book of mormon, we find an allusion to a european Church “which slayeth the saints of God, yea, and tortureth them and bindeth them down. . .” (i Nephi 13:40) This seems aExpand
Medusa and Perseus, and the Relationship Between Myth and Science
This essay examines the Greek myth of Perseus killing the Gorgon Medusa as emblematic of the relationship between science and myth, and between culture and nature. While most people in theExpand