Margaret M. O’Brien

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This study examined the relationship between early maternal knowledge of child development and later quality of parenting behaviors. Differences by race/ethnic group were also examined. Mother–infant dyads (N=378) participated in the study. Mothers completed the Knowledge of Infant Development Inventory (KIDI) when the infant was 2–4 months, and(More)
BACKGROUND Vulvar cancer is a relatively rare malignancy, which occurs most often in postmenopausal women. We have previously identified a geographic cluster of vulvar cancer in young Indigenous women living in remote communities in the Arnhem Land region of Australia. In this population, we investigated the prevalence of oncogenic human papillomavirus(More)
CD1d-restricted natural killer T (NKT) cells expressing invariant Vα14Jα18 T cell receptor α-chains are abundant in murine liver and are implicated in the control of malignancy, infection and autoimmunity. Invariant NKT cells have potent anti-metastatic effects in mice and phase I clinical trials involving their homologues in humans are ongoing. However,(More)
To describe the epidemiological features of a possible disease cluster of vulvar cancer and pre-cancers in Australian Indigenous women living in the Northern Territory (NT) of Australia. We identified NT-resident women with a confirmed histological diagnosis of vulvar cancer or high-grade vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN) between 1 January 1996 and 31(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity is becoming an increasing problem in obstetric practice; it has led to an increase in the risk of caesarean delivery, prolonged pregnancy and dysfunctional labour. It has been postulated that many of these problems are as a result of abnormal myometrial contractility. The RhoA/Rho kinase pathway is involved in calcium sensitisation in the(More)
Molecular medicine uses knowledge about cell structure and function for disease, diagnostics, stage characterisation and treatment. The advent of genomic technologies is considerably leading to developments in the field of molecular medicine. The accumulation of detailed information about gene expression, epigenetic variability, protein transcription and(More)
Background Cyclotides are disulfide-rich miniproteins with the unique structural features of a circular backbone and knotted arrangement of three conserved disulfide bonds. These features make them exceptionally stable and they have applications as plant defense (insecticidal) agents and stable drug frameworks. So far they have been found mainly in two(More)
Effective discovery and integration of ecological data within data management systems requires rich semantic information that can describe and relate the types of information contained within disparate data sets. Within the Semtools project, we have developed approaches for expressing and representing semantic annotations of data sets for supplementing(More)