Margaret M McCabe

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The anterior chamber of the eye is an immunologically privileged site. Over the past 15 years, numerous laboratories documented that the privileged status of this unique site is mediated by multifactorial immunoregulatory processes. Among the participating factors is the aqueous humor that circulates in the anterior chamber and is in contact with most of(More)
Recent insight into the genetic bases for autism spectrum disorder, dyslexia, stuttering, and language disorders suggest that neurogenetic approaches may also reveal at least one etiology of auditory processing disorder (APD). A person with an APD typically has difficulty understanding speech in background noise despite having normal pure-tone hearing(More)
Patients with congenital lung cysts are at increased risk of developing carcinoma, but the mechanisms concerned are not clear. The case of a young adult who developed a bronchioloalveolar carcinoma associated with a cystic congenital adenomatoid malformation is reported. The adjacent lung showed an unusual intra-alveolar hyperplasia of mucous cells. Two(More)
The clinical, pathological, and genetic findings in two closely related families in which a number of cases of lipoid proteinosis occurred are described. The necropsy findings, particularly the neuropathological aspects, in a patient who died from a coincidental pancreatic carcinoma are detailed. The genetic aspects are reviewed.
From a series of 138 patients with Hodgkin's disease seen over a 17-year period, 2 developed the nephrotic syndrome. One patient developed hematuria unrelated to cytotoxic chemotherapy or thrombocytopenia. All three patients had evidence of glomerulopathy on histologic examination of renal tissue, but none had the more usually associated minimal-change(More)
Sarcomas of the soft tissues and viscera are a diverse group of uncommon neoplasms that often present difficult diagnostic and management problems. The Dublin Soft Tissue Tumour Panel prospectively reviewed pathology material from 137 patients of four Dublin teaching hospitals between January 1989 and August 1990. The prevalence of sarcomas in Irish(More)
Three cases of the rare disorder pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (PAP) presented to our unit over the past thirteen years. Two of the patients conformed to the classical description of idiopathic or "primary" PAP. One patient appeared to have co-existing extrinsic allergic alveolitis with "secondary" PAP, an association not previously described. This patient(More)