Margaret M Hyland

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Based on theoretical perspectives from the work/family literature, this study tested a model for examining expatriate families' adjustment while on global assignments as an antecedent to expatriates' adjustment to working in a host country. Data were collected from 110 families that had been relocated for global assignments. Longitudinal data, assessing(More)
This study examined the effects of team decision accuracy, team member decision influence, leader consideration behaviors, and justice perceptions on staff members' satisfaction with the leader and attachment to the team in hierarchical decision-making teams. The authors proposed that staff members' justice perceptions would mediate the relationship between(More)
Obligate brood parasitic birds lay their eggs in nests of other species and parasite eggs typically have evolved greater structural strength relative to host eggs. Increased mechanical strength of the parasite eggshell is an adaptation that can interfere with puncture ejection behaviours of discriminating hosts. We investigated whether hardness of eggshells(More)
Brunauer-Emmet-Teller (BET) specific surface areas are generally used to gauge the propensity of uptake on adsorbents, with less attention paid to kinetic considerations. We explore the importance of such parameters by modeling the pore size distributions of smelter grade aluminas following HF adsorption, an industrially important process in gas cleaning at(More)
Polyaniline (PANI) can be deposited either on the surface or in the bulk of a microporous membrane by various chemical oxidative polymerization techniques. Each technique has distinctive effects on the PANI site and extent of deposition on the base membrane. In the present study, mixed cellulose ester (ME) membranes with tortuous pore morphology were used(More)
The aim of this project was to fabricate electroless nickel-coated cellulose fibres. Ultimately, these nickel-coated cellulose fibres will be used to develop a cost-effective polymer composite for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and/or electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications. An attempt has been made to impart electrical conductivity onto(More)
Magnesium and its alloys are intriguing as possible biodegradable biomaterials due to their unique combination of biodegradability and high specific mechanical properties. However, uncontrolled biodegradation of magnesium during implantation remains a major challenge in spite of the use of alloying and protective coatings. In this study, a hybrid composite(More)
This study elucidates the charge transport processes of polyaniline (PANI) composite membranes and correlates them to the PANI deposition site and the extent of PANI surface layering on the base microporous membranes. PANI was deposited either as a surface layer or inside the pores of cellulose acetate microporous membranes using various in situ chemical(More)
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