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Menopause in women occurs at mid-life. Chimpanzees, in contrast, continue to display cycles of menstrual bleeding and genital swelling, suggestive of ovulation, until near their maximum life span of about 60 years. Because ovulation was not confirmed hormonally, however, the age at which chimpanzees experience menopause has remained uncertain. In the(More)
Religion. Immediately following this panel there will be a complimentary box lunch outside in the Atrium for those of you who reserved lunches. If you haven't reserved a lunch, we'll have some extra lunches on hand. There are tables outside of the Atrium for the lunch, but there may not be enough room, given the space. Just downstairs here, directly(More)
  • Dionne Blasingame, Carol P. Marsh-Lockett, +4 authors Nancy Chase
  • 2015
This thesis explores the psycho-socio-cultural dynamics that surrounded black womanhood in antebellum Georgia. The goal is twofold: first, to examine how slave narratives, testimonies, and interviews depicted the plight of enslaved black women through a womanist lens and second, to discover what political and socio-cultural constructions enabled the severe(More)
In the last few years, as viral hepatitis has become a more prominent issue on national and international health agendas, talk of " learning from HIV " has become quite common. It is understandable for researchers, policy makers and activists to make this link, given the notable commonalities between HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. All are(More)
  • Ronald B. Faanes, Vincent J. Merluzzi, +7 authors Heather Jackson
  • 2006
Specific immunological and hematopoietic functions were studied during treatment with antineoplastic agents in mice bearing syngeneic lymphoid tumors: 702/2, a B-cell lymphoma of C57BL x DBA/2 F, (hereafter called (BD2F,) mice; EL4, a T-cell lymphoma of C57BL/6 mice; or J774, a macrophage tumor of BALB/c mice. Both Band T-lymphocyte function(More)
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