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Since 1978, 220 patients with psoriatic arthritis have undergone detailed study at the Women's College Hospital in Toronto, Canada. Clinical, radiological and biochemical data were subjected to computer analysis in order to determine clinical-biochemical correlations within subsets of patients with psoriatic arthritis. Our findings indicate a spectrum of(More)
PURPOSE To describe the proportion of women who anticipate having breast-conserving surgery (BCS) versus modified radical mastectomy (MRM), the factors they considered when making treatment choices, the degree to which they perceived they had participated in and had control of the treatment decision, and to explore factors associated with type of planned(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a disease-specific quality-of-life scale for symptomatic cholelithiasis for use in clinical trials, and to evaluate its reliability, construct validity and responsiveness. DESIGN Questionnaire. PARTICIPANTS Health care professionals, patients with symptomatic cholelithiasis and their significant others. INTERVENTIONS A 114-item(More)
BACKGROUND We describe our experiences with identifying and recruiting Ontario parents through the Internet, primarily, as well as other modes, for participation in focus groups about adding the influenza vaccine to school-based immunization programs. OBJECTIVE Our objectives were to assess participation rates with and without incentives and software(More)
BACKGROUND Swine outbreaks of pandemic influenza A (pH1N1) suggest human introduction of the virus into herds. This study investigates a pH1N1 outbreak occurring on a swine research farm with 37 humans and 1300 swine in Alberta, Canada, from 12 June through 4 July 2009. METHODS The staff was surveyed about symptoms, vaccinations, and livestock exposures.(More)
We have conducted a prospective comparison of 155 rheumatoid patients and 95 control subjects. Both groups were selected without regard to respiratory status, but were comparable in age, sex and smoking experience. The prevalence of respiratory symptoms, of past respiratory illnesses and of pulmonary function findings of airway obstruction was similar in(More)
Two cases of rheumatoid arthritis with large persistent, asymptomatic pleural effusions are presented. Repeated thoracentesis and intrapleural instillation of corticosteroid proved ineffective in management. However, the persistence of the effusion did not result in any respiratory complications. In one case the effusion disappeared spontaneously long after(More)
All tunnelled central venous catheters (TCVC) placed at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary, Alberta, between November 1984 and July 1987, were retrospectively reviewed to study the association of catheter infection with a number of factors including age, diagnosis, catheter use, and areas caring for children. One hundred children received 130(More)
Feedlot cattle in Alberta, Canada, have been identified as reservoirs for Campylobacter jejuni, an important human pathogen. Oligonucleotide DNA microarrays were used as a platform to compare C. jejuni isolates from feedlot cattle and human clinical cases from Alberta. Comparative genomic hybridization (CGH) analysis was performed on 87 isolates (46 bovine,(More)
BACKGROUND Concerns have been raised about the beliefs and behaviours of chiropractors related to immunization; however, none have systematically examined the relationships between beliefs and behaviours. PURPOSE We examine the immunization-related behaviours and beliefs of chiropractors in Alberta, Canada, and explore the relationship of beliefs to(More)