Margaret Jackson

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BACKGROUND Despite the widespread use of accreditation in many countries, and prevailing beliefs that accreditation is associated with variables contributing to clinical care and organisational outcomes, little systematic research has been conducted to examine its validity as a predictor of healthcare performance. OBJECTIVE To determine whether(More)
Recently, a population of nerves has been described in the aganglionic mouse vas deferens, in which electrically evoked contractions were insensitive to high concentrations of the adrenergic neurone blocker, bretylium. In this paper, the pharmacology of this nerve-evoked contraction has been examined in more detail. Bretylium (20 microM) revealed, after 5 h(More)
There is a mismatch between the law relating to fair use, personal use and copying; the central thrust of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and users' behavior relating to the listening and sharing of music. This paper reports on the different copyright regimes in the United States and Australia. It describes some of the current DRM systems. Against this(More)
This paper explores the many conflicts and contradictions between the control imposed by Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems and the level of access to online resources that users have come to expect (Jackson and Shah (2005). This paper forms part of an initial contribution to a project designed to gain a better understanding of how people, particularly(More)
The optimization for selectivity and central receptor occupancy for a series of spirocyclic azetidine-piperidine inverse agonists of the ghrelin receptor is described. Decreased mAChR muscarinic M2 binding was achieved by use of a chiral indane in place of a substituted benzylic group. Compounds with desirable balance of human in vitro clearance and ex vivo(More)
The article reviews existing research on cyber-bullying, framed through a policy lens. It is clear that public policy issues for cyber-bullying involve tensions between the values of freedom of speech, the best interests of the child, and parental and school protective authority over the child. Given the complexity of the problem, as well as conflicting(More)
Social norms are often posited as an explanation of differences in economic behavior and performance of societies that are difficult to explain by differences in endowments and technology. Economists are often reluctant to incorporate social aspects into their analyses when doing so leads to models that depart from the “standard” model. I discuss ways that(More)
"Restorative health" is the idea that those who have been denied access to the social determinants of health, particularly as young children, should have the right to restoration of healthy functioning. In interviewing a group of vulnerable young women, ranging in age from 15 to 22, we discovered how they experience the link between health and justice in(More)
Sixteen wireless case studies highlight issues relating to mobile commerce in Australia. The issues include: the need for a clear business case; difficulty of achieving critical mass and acceptance of a new service; training and technical issues, as well as staff acceptance issues; that privacy and security issues arise through the potential to track the(More)