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Genetic evidence strongly supports the view that Abeta amyloid production is central to the cause of Alzheimer's disease. The kinetics, compartmentation, and form of Abeta and its temporal relation to the neurodegenerative process remain uncertain. The levels of soluble and insoluble Abeta were determined by using western blot techniques, and the findings(More)
A variant form of Alzheimer's disease (AD), in which spastic paraparesis (SP) precedes dementia, is characterised by large, noncored, weakly neuritic Abeta-amyloid plaques resembling cotton wool balls and is caused by genomic deletion of presenilin 1 exon 9. A pedigree with a 5.9 kb exon 9 deletion shows a phenotypic spectrum including subjects with typical(More)
A novel pyridothiophene inhibitor of PTP1B was discovered by rational screening of phosphotyrosine mimics at high micromolar concentrations. The potency of this lead compound has been improved significantly by medicinal chemistry guided by X-ray crystallography and molecular modeling. Excellent consistency has been observed between structure-activity(More)
Levels of ciprofloxacin in serum and sputum were studied for eight patients with cystic fibrosis who were infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Patients were studied in a steady state on a dosage of 500 mg every 8 h. Peak levels in serum ranged from 1.27 to 5.6 mg/liter (mean, 3.16 +/- 1.27), and absorption was rapid, the time to peak concentration ranging(More)
40 adult patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) were admitted to hospital with acute exacerbations of infection associated with isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from sputum. The patients were randomly allocated (20 per group) to receive intravenous azlocillin 5 g and gentamicin 80 mg, or oral ciprofloxacin 500 mg. Both treatments were given three times a day(More)
Interaction of linear homologous DNA duplexes by formation of Holliday junctions was revealed by electrophoresis and confirmed by electron microscopy. The phenomenon was demonstrated using a model of five purified PCR products of different size and sequence. The double-stranded structure of interacting DNA fragments was confirmed using several consecutive(More)
Studies of adrenal function were performed on 54 asthmatic patients who were taking long term high doses of inhaled beclomethasone dipropionate ranging from 500 to 2000 micrograms/day for between six and 60 months. Of the 43 patients taking up to 1500 micrograms/day, 39 (91%) had normal basal plasma cortisol concentrations and normal short tetracosactrin(More)
Musculoskeletal symptoms are frequent in cystic fibrosis (CF). Here the clinical features of 29 patients with CF who had significant arthropathy are described. Twelve had episodic arthritis (EA) characterised by repeated short attacks of severe, incapacitating polyarthritis, which in seven was associated with fever and erythema nodosum. Ten patients had(More)