Margaret J. McMahon

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R ussell (1999) compiled a large bibliography of research demonstrating that there is not a significant difference between standard and distance education learning. Yet rapid advances in the use of technology for the discipline of horticulture have been shown to improve student learning outcomes, increase student enrollment, and foster better teachers(More)
Recent research on the presence and dynamic nature of fractures and soil macropores has generated interest in their impact on root growth in minimally disturbed soils due to no-till or reduced tillage farming practices. The balance of water, air, and nutrients in the subsurface is, in part, determined by the structure and type of macropores. Biological(More)
Immature stages of Tabanus nigrovittatus Macquart inhabit salt marsh sod. A study of the distribution of larvae in relation to the presence or absence of surface water showed that larval densities were higher in salt marsh areas that appeared well drained. Late instars remained above the sod surface more frequently in laboratory conditions mimicking high(More)
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