Margaret I. Wallhagen

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PURPOSE This research evaluates the utility of two different definitions of successful aging in predicting well-being. DESIGN AND METHODS We assessed the definitions of (a) self-rating and (b) Rowe and Kahn's criteria of absence of disease, disability, and risk factors; maintaining physical and mental functioning; and active engagement with life. We made(More)
PURPOSE To explore dimensions of stigma experienced by older adults with hearing loss and those with whom they frequently communicate to target interventions promoting engagement and positive aging. DESIGN AND METHODS This longitudinal qualitative study conducted interviews over 1 year with dyads where one partner had hearing loss. Participants were naive(More)
The purposes of this study were to determine if there were differences in pain intensity scores, pain duration scores, mood states, and quality of life of oncology outpatients whose pain intensity scores were congruent with their family caregivers compared to patients whose pain intensity scores were non-congruent and to determine if there were differences(More)
OBJECTIVES This study assessed changes in the prevalence of hearing impairment in persons aged 50 years and older over the past 30 years and identified risk factors. METHODS Age-adjusted hearing impairment prevalence rates at four time intervals were calculated from the Alameda County Study (n = 5108). Logistic regression models analyzed risk factors from(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of older spouses' vision impairment on the health and well-being of their partners and to test for gender differences. METHODS Participants were 418 older couples from the Alameda County Study. Vision impairment was assessed in 1994 with a 9-point scale assessing difficulty seeing in everyday(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to compare independent impacts of two levels of self-reported hearing and vision impairment on subsequent disability, physical functioning, mental health, and social functioning. DESIGN A 1-year prospective cohort study. SETTING San Francisco Bay Area, California. PARTICIPANTS Two thousand four hundred(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effects of an advanced practice nurse (APN) in-home health consultation program (HCP) on quality of life, health indicators (falls, acute events), and healthcare utilization. DESIGN Randomized clinical trial. SETTING One urban area in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. PARTICIPANTS Four hundred sixty-one(More)
PURPOSE Researchers often use the term "successful aging" to mean freedom from disability, yet the perspectives of elders living with late-life disability have not been well described. The purpose of this study was to explore the meaning of successful aging among a diverse sample of community-dwelling elders with late-life disability. DESIGN AND METHODS(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To determine if knowledge about pain and the perception of the pain experience differ when comparing outpatients experiencing cancer-related pain with their family caregivers. DESIGN Quantitative, descriptive. SETTING Sixteen oncology outpatient settings that are part of the Oncology Nursing Research Network. SAMPLE Eighty-six(More)
Sense of control in the context of an uncontrollable chronic illness is explored by analyzing the impact of the patient's perceived control over symptoms (PCS) and perceived control over disease progression (PCDP) on patient and caregiver outcomes. PCS was significantly associated with patient well-being, caregiver well-being, and less caregiver burden. No(More)