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A case study and focus-group discussions were conducted with 10 youth health nurses (nurses) employed in the recently introduced School-Based Youth Health Nurse Program (SBYHNP) to identify their roles, responsibilities, and professional development needs. Major roles are support, referral, health promotion, and marketing. Clients include high school(More)
BACKGROUND Infants exposed to intrauterine drugs present a number of challenging features with which the new mother is faced. They can be irritable, unresponsive, and unpredictable. Available treatments require specialised neonatal care for the first four to six weeks of life; a critical time for the parent-infant attachment relationship to develop.(More)
BACKGROUND Most women will sustain some degree of trauma to the genital tract after vaginal birth. This study aimed to examine the association between maternal position at birth and perineal outcome in women who had a midwife-attended, spontaneous vaginal birth and an uncomplicated pregnancy at term. METHODS Data from 3,756 births in a major public(More)
Supporting early parenting and promoting family health is an important aspect of contemporary child health nursing in Australia. Recent studies suggest that within a service climate that increasingly funds targeted, population-based needs rather than universal needs, child health nurses are concerned about maintaining individual nurse-client relationships,(More)
OBJECTIVE A literature review to examine the incorporation of respiratory assessment into everyday surgical nursing practice; possible barriers to this; and the relationship to patient outcomes. PRIMARY ARGUMENT Escalating demands on intensive care beds have led to highly dependent patients being cared for in general surgical ward areas. This change in(More)
The main objective of the study was to examine the relationship between physical activity and Body Mass Index (BMI) on menopausal symptoms in Australian midlife women. This study is a secondary data analysis of the Queensland Midlife Women Health Study (2001), which included a randomized, population-based postal survey with a questionnaire. Selected women(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the social factors that would help women who had quit smoking due to pregnancy from returning to smoking after delivery of their baby. METHODS Women who attended their first antenatal check-up at a general public hospital were invited to participate in pre- and postpartum interviews. RESULTS A total of 24 women were interviewed(More)
Assisted conception is becoming an increasingly more common treatment option for women and couples who experience fertility problems. Links have been made in the literature between assisted conception and a greater incidence of pregnancy or birth complications, low birth weight or premature babies, and babies with congenital abnormalities. In addition,(More)
INTRODUCTION People living in rural and remote areas have poorer health and more limited access to health services than those in urban areas. Adolescence, generally a period of optimum health, is fraught with risky health behaviours, increasing morbidity and mortality. Increasingly, mental health problems including depression, alcohol and drug use, suicide,(More)
As part of a larger research project to evaluate a new model of care for first-time mothers in a community health-care setting, this study aimed to identify the preparation and information needs of first-time mothers. All first-time mothers attending a selection of community child health centers in Brisbane, Australia, who presented with no overt risk(More)