Margaret Haughton

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Gene transfer has potential as a once-only treatment that reduces viral load, preserves the immune system and avoids lifetime highly active antiretroviral therapy. This study, which is to our knowledge the first randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 2 cell-delivered gene transfer clinical trial, was conducted in 74 HIV-1–infected adults who(More)
Ronald T Mitsuyasu1, Thomas C Merigan2, Andrew Carr3, Jerome A Zack4, Mark A Winters2, Cassy Workman5, Mark Bloch6, Jacob Lalezari7, Stephen Becker8, Lorna Thornton8, Bisher Akil9, Homayoon Khanlou10, Robert Finlayson11, Robert McFarlane12, Don E Smith13, Roger Garsia14, David Ma3, Matthew Law15, John M. Murray15,16, Christof von Kalle17,18, Julie A Ely19,(More)
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