Margaret Hagan

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Rhodotorula rubra was isolated from bronchoscopy specimens from 11 patients. An investigation of the bronchoscopy equipment and the bronchoscopy suite revealed contamination of the suction channel with R rubra, as well as potentially pathogenic bacteria. Disinfection control methods included gas sterilization of the bronchoscope and the institution of an(More)
The spread of mobile phone usage to slum areas raises the possibility of using mobile technology to address problems facing the poorest of the world's poor. We present a case study of Safe Mathare, a design project aimed at improving women's safety in Nairobi, Kenya. Safe Mathare provides community patrols with basic smartphone technology to help women(More)
  • Heather N. McMahon, Ilona Sármány-Parsons, +8 authors HUNGARIAN VERNACULARISM
  • 2004
2004 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to my colleagues and friends who aided me throughout my thesis writing process. Besides giving me their support, advice and time, they all exhibited a unique ability to listen to the details of my esoteric topic with interest. I especially wish to thank Margaret(More)
Safe Mathare is a service design project that utilizes interactive mobile technology. It consists of community patrols that use basic smartphone technology to help women commute safely through a slum neighborhood during dusk and dawn hours. The project started as a prototype developed in a Stanford University Design School course and is now being piloted in(More)
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