Margaret Goodson

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The effectiveness of traditional endodontic intracanal medications in reducing bacterial numbers and preventing acute flare-ups and pain continues to be questioned. In the present study, a new local delivery device was developed that releases a substantive dose of clindamycin into root canals. Clindamycin-impregnated ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) fibers were(More)
The diagnosis of low-voltage electrocution is aided by the presence of electrical burns. When the victim is immersed in water, however, the cooling effect of the water prevents heating of the tissues and eliminates the usual entry and exit points. Cases are described here in which electrical shock and water immersion combined to bring about fatal results.(More)
For several stress responses in Escherichia coli, switching on involves conversion by the stress of an extracellular stress sensor (an extracellular sensing component, ESC) to an extracellular induction component (EIC), the latter functioning as an alarmone and inducing the response. The aim of this study was to establish whether alkali tolerance induction(More)
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