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On Social Facts
 Four concepts are considered in relation to the question: can an illuminating characterization of the social sciences be given in terms of one concept of a relatively natural kind of thing? Weber'sExpand
Walking Together: A Paradigmatic Social Phenomenon
The everyday concept of a social group is approached by examining the concept of going for a walk together, an example of doing something together, or "shared action". Two analyses requiring sharedExpand
Joint Commitment: How We Make the Social World
CONTENTS PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS SOURCES INTRODUCTION PART I SHARED AGENCY Ch. 1 Acting Together Ch. 2 Considerations on Joint Commitment Ch. 3 Who's to Blame? Ch. 4 Rationality in Collective ActionExpand
Modelling collective belief
What is it for a group to believe something? A summative account assumes that for a group to believe that p most members of the group must believe that p. Accounts of this type are commonly proposedExpand
Shared intention and personal intentions
This article explores the question: what is it for two or more people to intend to do something in the future? In a technical phrase, what is it for people to share an intention? Extending andExpand
A theory of political obligation : membership, commitment, and the bonds of society
I. A CENTRAL PROBLEM OF POLITICAL OBLIGATION 1. The problem 2. Obligations: initial points 3. In pursuit of political obligation 4. Actual contract theory: attractions 5. Actual contract theory:Expand
Collective Epistemology
Philosophical epistemology is concerned with knowledge and related phenomena such as belief. In order to have a general label for such phenomena I shall refer to them as cognitive states. DifferingExpand
Collective Guilt and Collective Guilt Feelings
Can collectives feel guilt with respect to what they have done? It hasbeen claimed that they cannot. Yet in everyday discourse collectives areoften held to feel guilt, criticized because they do not,Expand
Socializing Metaphysics: The Nature of Social Reality
Chapter 1 Socializing Metaphysics: An Introduction Chapter 2 The Structure of the Social Atom: Joint Commitment as the Foundation of Human Social Behavior Chapter 3 Practical IntersubjectivityExpand