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Mexican/migrant Mothers and 'Anchor Babies" in Anti-Immigration Discourses: Meanings of Citizenship and Illegality in the United States
The right wing anti-immigration movement’s recent surge in racial panic and paranoia concerning the specter of the overly fertile Mexican migrant mother and her US-born child points to a discursiveExpand
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Will to love, will to fear: the emotional politics of illegality and citizenship in the campaign against birthright citizenship in the US
Anti-immigration activists argue that the broad inclusivity of the birthright citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment is a national security concern that enables criminalized migrant mothers to giveExpand
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Reality Bites: Rhetoric and the Circulation of Truth Claims in U.S. Political Culture, by Dana L. Cloud
attenuating as he goes. As a result, the writing tends to slide rather than arrive, staging moments of transduction for the reader. Boyle has a point, that rhetoric is not pointed; it is theExpand
Legal Rhetoric and the Ambiguous Shape of the King’s Two Bodies in Calvin’s Case (1608)
ABSTRACT This essay examines how Francis Bacon’s speech in Calvin’s Case (1608) and Edward Coke’s report on the case engage with the doctrine of the king’s two bodies. While both texts portray theExpand
Usurping the contract: the Geneva campaign (1923–1924) and the refusal of settler sovereignty
ABSTRACT I extend analyses of refusal by arguing that it is an orientation toward the contract of recognition that contextualizes Indigenous peoples' engagement with the discursive economies andExpand
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Contesting the place of protest in migrant caravans
ABSTRACT Restrictions on assembly, all of which disproportionately target Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, demonstrate that the freedom to assemble depends on state-defined temporal,Expand