Margaret E. Morgan

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Although “User-Centred”, “Participatory”, and other similar design approaches have proved to be very valuable for mainstream design, their principles are more difficult to apply successfully when the user group contains, or is composed of, older and/or disabled users. In the field of design for older and disabled people, the “Universal Design”, “Inclusive(More)
The haemodynamic changes following induction of anaesthesia with equipotent doses of propofol and thiopentone have been compared. Propofol caused a significant fall in arterial blood pressure and total peripheral resistance, with a slight fall in cardiac output. There were no changes in heart rate. Apart from an initial, but statistically insignificant(More)
We have investigated the possibilities of using theatre, including professional actors, scriptwriters and artistic directors, within requirements gathering, and usability testing, and for communicating the results of such work to the design community, or individual designers. The research on which we will report focuses on older people, but we believe that(More)
In thirty patients with stable angina and positive exercise tests, ambulatory ST segment monitoring was used to record episodes of transient myocardial ischaemia during daily life. All patients had four consecutive days of monitoring and in 20 patients long-term variability was assessed by repeated 48 hour monitoring and exercise testing over 18 months.(More)
Plasma cholinesterase is an enzyme which has importance to the anaesthetist primarily for its role in the metabolism of suxamethonium, although other anaesthetic related drugs that this enzyme metabolises are also increasingly important. In this article we review current thoughts on the function, profile and chemistry of plasma cholinesterase. Causes of(More)
The relative potencies of the intravenous anaesthetics propofol and thiopentone have been investigated by finding the dose necessary to produce unconsciousness in approximately 30%, 50% and 80% of patients. The estimated potency of propofol to thiopentone was 1:1.604 as obtained by the probit method of analysis which estimates the logarithm of the relative(More)
The statement that amniotic fluid embolism is the most dangerous and untreatable condition in obstetrics appears to be true. It must be suspected in any patient who collapses or bleeds excessively during labour or the immediate post-partum period. Attempts should be made to secure a definitive diagnosis in life by examination of blood obtained from the(More)
Thirty-seven patients with a wide range of illnesses were studied during mechanical ventilation of the lungs in an intensive care unit. Fifteen were sedated with a continuous propofol infusion, with analgesia provided by bolus doses of papaveretum. Twelve received a continuous infusion of papaveretum, supplemented by bolus doses of midazolam. The level of(More)
A multistep selection for ouabain resistance was used to isolate a clone of HeLa S3 cells that overproduces the plasma membrane sodium, potassium activated adenosinetriphosphatase (Na+,K+-ATPase). Measurements of specific [3H]ouabain-binding to the resistant clone, C+, and parental HeLa cells indicated that C+ cells contain 8-10 X 10(6) ouabain binding(More)