Margaret E Miers

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During a longitudinal evaluation of a pre-qualifying interprofessional curriculum, health and social care students completed questionnaires concerning communication and teamwork skills and interprofessional learning and working. Data were collected on entry to their educational programme, during the second year of study, at qualification and after 9-12(More)
A study in an English Faculty of Health and Social Care explores the effects of a pre-qualifying interprofessional curriculum incorporating interprofessional modules in each year of study. The study design involves collecting data on entry to the Faculty, after completion of the second interprofessional module, on qualification and after 9 months qualified(More)
Nurse education is established in higher education but nurse academics remain concerned about nursing's lack of equal status within the academy. This paper reports findings of a small study of nurse lecturers' views which support other published studies. It argues that cultural factors which contribute to nursing's problems gaining equal status include(More)
Mastalgia commonly presents to medical practitioners. The majority of patients can be managed by exclusion of cancer and reassurance. In some the severity of pain affects the quality of life and drug treatment should be considered. Since its inception 324 patients with cyclical mastalgia and 90 with non-cyclical mastalgia have received a therapeutic trial(More)
A longitudinal quantitative study in an English faculty of health and social care explored the effects of a pre-qualifying interprofessional curriculum for students from 10 professional programmes. Students on the interprofessional curriculum completed questionnaires containing four attitude scales on entry to the faculty, during their second year and at(More)
Health and social care students in a faculty in the United Kingdom learn together in an interprofessional module through online discussion boards. The module assessment encourages engagement with technology and with group members through peer review. An evaluation of student experience of the module gathered data from 48 students participating in 10 online(More)
It is widely assumed that interprofessional learning (IPL) impacts positively on interprofessional working (IPW) in health and social care. However, there is no clear evidence that pre-qualifying IPL improves service delivery. The direct effect of pre-qualifying IPL on IPW and service delivery is difficult to demonstrate; researchers must rely on(More)
Minichromosomal maintenance protein 7 (MCM7) is an essential component of the replication helicase complex (MCM2-7) required for DNA replication. Although this function is highly conserved among eukaryotes, additional functions for the MCM molecules continue to be described. Minichromosomal maintenance protein 7 is a marker for proliferation and is(More)
Mastalgia is a common condition in women of reproductive years. We have assessed the long-term course in patients with severe mastalgia by distributing a postal questionnaire to 212 patients previously studied in 1983 who had attended the mastalgia clinic at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. 175 patients (83%) responded, with an original diagnosis(More)