Margaret Duerson

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BACKGROUND At most institutions, medical students learn communication skills through the use of standardized patients (SPs), but SPs are time and resource expensive. Virtual patients (VPs) may offer several advantages over SPs, but little data exist regarding the use of VPs in teaching communication skills. Therefore, we report our initial efforts to create(More)
This paper provides key insights into the construction and evaluation of interpersonal simulators¿systems that enable interpersonal interaction with virtual humans. Using an interpersonal simulator, two studies were conducted that compare interactions with a virtual human to interactions with a similar real human. The specific interpersonal scenario(More)
A study of 314 medical students before and after a required third-year clerkship in family medicine explored relationships among exposure to the clerkship and changes in attitudes toward primary care. The survey instrument contained 29 statements distinguishing the philosophy of primary care from that of subspecialty-oriented medicine and asked students' to(More)
A prospective randomized study was carried out to evaluate doxycycline hyclate in the prevention of hepatic dysfunction following jejunoileal bypass for morbid obesity. Forty-five patients were entered into the study and were observed for a year or more. Patients received either 100 mg of doxycycline hyclate twice daily on postoperative days 5 through 10(More)
To evaluate the results of jejunoileal bypass for morbid obesity, we studied 100 patients with intact bypasses an average of more than five years after surgery. Mean weight loss at five years was 102.7 lb (46.6 kg) (33 per cent). Although nearly half the patients regained some weight between one and five years after surgery, only 17 per cent regained 20 lb(More)
Late biopsy results in 53 patients after jejunoileal bypass were reviewed and compared with 1 year postoperative biopsies. Patients were divided into groups based on clinical course and liver function tests. Of 24 patients with normal liver function tests and no clinical symptoms of liver failure, 8 (33 percent) had new or progressive lesions on late(More)
PURPOSE To measure students' competencies in evidence-based medicine (EBM) skills [clinical decision making using evidence from published literature (content) and in transmitting clinical information to patients (communication)] within the context of a performance-based examination (PBE). METHOD In 2002-03, under the direction of a Performance-Based(More)
PURPOSE To compare two methods of teaching physical assessment, a traditional faculty-taught course and a course with components taught by specially trained standardized patients (SPs), with respect to students' performances and costs. METHOD Medical students in their second year and without preliminary course work in physical assessment were taught by(More)
BACKGROUND Significant information exchange occurs between a doctor and patient through nonverbal communication such as gestures, body position, and eye gaze. In addition, empathy is an important trust-building element in a physician: patient relationship. Previous work validates the use of virtual patients (VP) to teach and assess content items related to(More)