Margaret Dolinsky

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Taking the Planetary Collegium as their starting point, members of the round table address research issues as they relate to the development of practice and theory in the context of collaborative criticism and inquiry across a wide field of knowledge and experience. The Collegium network is worldwide, in terms of its meeting and conference locations, the(More)
"Hello world (illuminated script)" is projection-based virtual reality art that illustrates the illumination of the eye over the surface of a painting. The painted surface is constructed and deconstructed as the visitor's gaze experiences the multiple aspects of a face on the screen. The facial images transform as if they are journeying forward into the eye(More)
After being dormant in the public eye for more than 10 years, VR is now back to the front pages re-discovered as the portal to push the limits of our imagination towards compelling immersive experiences that can also blend with the physical world. Well-established companies and strongly backed new companies are committing serious investments into VR and its(More)