Margaret Davies

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BACKGROUND Little information is currently available on the role of the gut microflora in modulating isoflavone bioavailability or on sex differences in isoflavone metabolism and bioavailability. OBJECTIVE We sought to determine whether chronic soy consumption influences isoflavone bioavailability as judged by plasma isoflavone concentrations and modified(More)
What is it to be a legal person? A review of the jurisprudence of persons reveals considerable confusion about this central legal question, as well as deep intellectual divisions. To certain jurists, law’s person should and does approximate a metaphysical person. Depending on the metaphysics of the jurist, the legal person is thus variously defined by his(More)
The results of preliminary investigations of ephemeral waters of the wet-dry tropics are reported. These poorly known but extensive habitats cover much of the seasonally inundated land of northern Australia. Brief descriptions of the physicochemical characteristics of four contrasting sites are given along with a listing of the non-benthic fauna that(More)
The program BIOCLIM predicts the total geographic distribution of species, based upon the biogeoclimatic characteristics common to the localities at which they are known to occur. Field studies in the Northern Territory have located the Shield Shrimp Triops australiensis at localities substantially north of its known and predicted geographic distribution.
Stimulation of enzyme secretion in the pancreas on injection of a single dose of the cholinergic drug, pilocarpine, was associated with an increased incorporation of [2-(3)H]myoinositol into a lipid, which was previously characterized as phosphatidylinositol. Stimulation of enzyme secretion by hourly injection of the pancreozymin congener, caerulein, led to(More)
An improved method has been developed for the determination of the major neutral steroids (cholesterol and 5 beta-cholestan-3 beta-ol) and unconjugated bile acids (deoxycholic acid and lithocholic acid) in human faeces, using capillary gas chromatography with flame ionization detection. The freeze-dried faecal sample was subjected to a two-stage Soxhlet(More)
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