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Athens and Persia in the Fifth Century BC: A Study in Cultural Receptivity
Introduction Preface Maps Part I. Spheres of Contact: 1. Relations between Athenians and Persians to the late fifth century: an overview 2. Infusion and diffusion of alien goods: spoils of theExpand
The origins of theater in ancient Greece and beyond : from ritual to drama
1. General introduction E. Csapo and M. C. Miller Part I. Komasts and Pre-Dramatic Ritual: 2. Introduction T. H. Carpenter 3. The corpus of Komast vases: from identity to exegesis T. J. Smith 4.Expand
The parasol: an oriental status-symbol in late archaic and classical Athens *
The parasol, whatever the conditions of use, ultimately functions as a social symbol as it satisfies no utilitarian need. The operative mechanism of that symbol varies from culture to culture but theExpand