Margaret Bush

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Using a new psychoanalytic perspective, the author explains how irrational unconscious guilt originates, how it produces psychopathology, and how it is mastered in psychotherapy. According to this perspective, unconscious guilt is a product of repressed irrational beliefs derived from traumatic childhood experiences. The author emphasizes the role of guilt(More)
We earlier established that nitric oxide (NO) is protective against severe malaria and that arginine and NO levels are reduced in malaria patients. We now show that an M2-like blood monocyte phenotype is significantly associated with hypoargininemia, NO insufficiency, and disease severity in Tanzanian children with falciparum malaria. Compared to control(More)
Thirty acute psychiatric patients were administered a battery of selective attention and cognitive ability measures to determine whether there is a differential deficit in filtering capacity with increasing degrees of psychopathology. Susceptibility to intrusions in the early stages of auditory selective attention was positively related to degree of(More)
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