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Four hundred and nineteen incidents that occurred in the recovery room were extracted from the Anaesthetic Incident Monitoring Study database, representing 5% of the total database of 8372 reports. Incidents were reported mainly in daylight hours, with over 50% occurring in ASA 1-2 patients. The most common presenting problems related to respiratory/airway(More)
The Australian Incident Monitoring Study database was examined for incidents involving inadequate pre-operative patient preparation and/or evaluation. Of 6271 reports, 727 had appropriate keywords, of which 197 (3.1%) were used for subsequent analysis. All surgical categories were represented. In 10% of reports the patient was not reviewed pre-operatively(More)
Trained anaesthetic assistants are considered essential for the safe conduct of anaesthesia. Data from 5837 AIMS (Anaesthetic Incident Monitoring Study) reports were evaluated for issues concerning anaesthetic assistants in the generation and resolution of anaesthetic incidents. "Inadequate assistance" as a contributing factor was identified in 187 reports,(More)
BACKGROUND Modern anaesthetic practice relies upon the administration of a wide range of potent drugs given by a variety of routes, at times in haste or under conditions of stress. Problems associated with drug administration make up the largest group of incidents reported during anaesthesia, with outcomes including major morbidity and death. It was decided(More)
In a 2008 pilot study we used DNA microarrays to explore the historical ideo-plastic faculty of therapeutic hypnosis. We documented how to measure changes in activity or experience-dependent gene expression over relatively brief time periods (1 hour and 24 hours) following a single intervention of therapeutic hypnosis (about 1 hour). In the present paper we(More)
The treatment of maxillofacial injuries forms a substantial part of the work in oral and maxillofacial units, but injuries sustained in work-related incidents are uncommon, mainly because of the strict enforcement of Health and Safety policies. We used data from the Health and Safety Executive in the United Kingdom to review the incidence and aetiology of(More)
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