Margaret Bramwell

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The purpose of this research was to gain an understanding of the experience of being a seriously ill patient in an intensive care unit (ICU). Fourteen former patients, aged 17-71 years old, who had been in ICU 3-53 days, participated in focus group interviews 3-6 months after discharge. The focus groups met 3 times each for 1.5 hours, resulting in 13-14(More)
To reduce length of stay while maintaining quality of care, St. Joseph's Hospital, Hamilton, ON implemented a care path with three discharge options. Two of these discharge options were early discharge to integrated community services. Patients meeting early discharge criteria are discharged home five days post-operatively with follow-up by home care(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing evidence supports the role of emotional stress in the onset of cardiovascular disease. Although bereavement is a major emotional stress with both acute and more long-term features, the mechanism of its association with cardiovascular risk is not well understood, in particular because of limited studies of acute bereavement. The aim of(More)
Research on the effects of stressful events on human health and wellbeing has progressed in recent years. One such stress, bereavement, is considered one of life's greatest stresses, requiring significant readjustment. The Cardiovascular Risk in Bereavement study (CARBER) investigated in detail cardiovascular risk factors during the first weeks following(More)
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