Margaret Blank

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Acute testicular torsion is a surgical emergency which requires immediate intervention. Although damage to the gonad has been well documented, it remains unknown whether the majority of injury occurs during the period of torsion (ischemia) or following detorsion (reperfusion). The aims of this study were to determine: (1) whether damage following testicular(More)
The language interactions of pairs of preschool-age deaf and preschool-age hearing children were recorded in play sessions and analyzed according to a system for assessing dialogue that has been developed by the second author. In the system, each person over the course of a dialogue is seen as playing two roles: one as speaker-initiator (who puts forth(More)
Videodensitometry with following computer analysis of the image obtained by digital subtraction angiography is a method allowing an objective quantitative evaluation of the volume rate of coronary and myocardial blood flow. The moment of contrast appearance in the myocardium as well as the moment of peak concentration, half elimination period and contrast(More)
Health care costs are rising rapidly, and surgeons can play a role in limiting costs of operations. Of the 600,000 cholecystectomies performed each year in the United States, approximately 80% are performed with laparoscopic technique. The purpose of this study was to compare the costs of reusable vs disposable instruments used during laparoscopic(More)
The method of recording the ECGs, inputting them into a computer and automatic analysis of 35 ECG leads is described. The proposed method largely diminishes the time expenditure and difficulties in obtaining and analysing 35 ECG lead mapping grams, as the computer makes all measurements and calculations and produces a final document.
FOREWORD It is a pleasure to provide the 103rd Annual Report of the UNL Agricultural Research Division. This report contains lists of current faculty, active projects, refereed journal articles, books and book chapters, germ plasm releases, brief descriptions of research in selected areas, and the financial report for the period of July 1, 1988, through(More)
Intravenous ethmozin in a dose of 270-730 mg for 4 h had pronounced antiarrhythmic effect in 80% of patients with frequent ventricular extrasystoles. In 10-14% of patients it may have arrhythmogenic effect. Positive correlation between duration and degree of the antiarrhythmic effect and dose and plasma ethmozin concentration was found. The character of the(More)
A total of 27 patients with unstable angina pectoris were examined in the acute period of the disease and 3.4 years later (from 30 to 51 months). A group of patients with a favorable outcome of unstable angina comprised 13 patients who had displayed no recurrences of disease exacerbation, but that of patients with an unfavorable outcome of unstable angina(More)