Margaret A. Treble

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Greenland shark Somniosus microcephalus is a potentially important yet poorly studied cold-water species inhabiting the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. Broad-scale changes in the Arctic ecosystem as a consequence of climate change have led to increased attention on trophic dynamics and the role of potential apex predators such as S. microcephalus in the(More)
Management boundaries that define populations or stocks of fish form the basis of fisheries planning. In the Arctic, decreasing sea ice extent is driving increasing fisheries development, highlighting the need for ecological data to inform management. In Cumberland Sound, southwest Baffin Island, an indigenous community fishery was established in 1987(More)
Keratoisis is a genus of bamboo coral commonly reported in the northwest (NW) Atlantic as a result of fishing bycatch or by in situ observations. In 1999, a scientific trawl survey recovered fragments of Keratoisis sp. in southeast Baffin Bay (NW Atlantic), but colonies had never been seen in situ at this location until 2013, when a remotely operated(More)
We report the development of 13 variable microsatellite loci for the Greenland Halibut (Reinhardtius hippoglossoides). In a sample of 72 individuals from Western Greenland we report heterozygosities ranging from 0.15 to 1.0 (observed) and 0.14 to 0.97 (expected). One locus was found to have a low frequency of null alleles (0.065), all others are in HWE and(More)
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