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-As the workplace has become increasingly diverse, there has been a tension between the promise and the reality of diversity in team process and performance. The optimistic view holds that diversity will lead to an increase in the variety of perspectives and approaches brought to a problem and to opportunities for knowledge sharing, and hence lead to(More)
  • Daniel A Cohen, Thomas Z Lys, Shyam V Sunder, Yonca Ertimur, Thomas Dyckman, Tom Fields +4 others
  • 2005
We reexamine the existence of earnings announcement-day premia and find that they persist beyond the sample period of earlier studies, over different disclosure environments and remain robust to the refinement of using the expected announcement day rather than the actual announcement day. We provide evidence that the premia are reduced in the presence of(More)
This experiment examines the dynamics of preference change in the context of face-to-face negotiation. Participants playing the role of ''student'' or ''financial aid officer'' exchanged proposals regarding the terms of a student loan. Consistent with dissonance theory, participants increased their liking for proposals they offered and/or ultimately(More)
  • Jared R Curhan, Margaret A Neale, Lee Ross, Jesse Rosencranz-Engelmann, J R Curhan
  • 2008
Highly relational contexts can have costs as well as benefits. Researchers theorize that negotiating dyads in which both parties hold highly relational goals or views of themselves are prone to relational accommodation, a dynamic resulting in inefficient economic outcomes yet high levels of relational capital. Previous research has provided only indirect(More)
We hypothesized that threats to people's social (i.e., group) identity can trigger deviant attitudes and behaviors. A correlational study and five experiments showed that experiencing or recalling situations associated with the devaluation of a social identity caused participants to endorse or engage in deviant actions, including stealing, cheating, and(More)
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