Margaret A. Franzen

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This study examined the effects of presleep cognitive stress on insomniac and noninsomniac subjects. Ten sleep-onset insomniacs and 11 noninsomniacs spent five nights in a sleep laboratory. They slept undisturbed on the first three nights but were exposed to brief cognitive stressors before sleep-onset on the fourth and fifth nights. Significant(More)
This research examined the role of cognitive factors (attributions about the causes of sleep difficulties and presleep cognitive activity) in sleep-onset insomnia. Thirty-four subjects, including 13 mild to extreme insomniacs, were interviewed and then spent 5 consecutive nights in a sleep laboratory. In a multiple regression paradigm predictor measures(More)
This study tested the hypothesis that the correlation between the STAI A-State and A-Trait scales is spuriously high because some of the items in these scales have low content saturation. As measured by Jackson's (1970) Differential Reliability Index, content saturation was found to be high for only 7 A-State and A-Trait items. It was demonstrated that new(More)
The technology now exists to construct physical models of proteins based on atomic coordinates of solved structures. We review here our recent experiences in using physical models to teach concepts of protein structure and function at both the high school and the undergraduate levels. At the high school level, physical models are used in a professional(More)
We identify two major changes in the dynamics of the federal funds rate in the 1990s. We model the desired rate in a two-regime setting, one when the Fed makes no change and the other when the Fed is moving the desired rate to a new level. We find that the 1990s saw longer duration in the no-change regime as well as smaller changes in the other regime. The(More)
Understanding how basic structural units influence function is identified as a foundational/core concept for undergraduate biological and biochemical literacy. It is essential for students to understand this concept at all size scales, but it is often more difficult for students to understand structure-function relationships at the molecular level, which(More)
Community Page " O h,…you mean if you want to change the amino acid from an arginine to an alanine, you just change the code in that position. " This " aha moment " recently happened for a member of the Brown Deer High School SMART (Students Modeling a Research Topic) Team at a Saturday morning meeting while awaiting the arrival of their scientist mentor.(More)