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In this issue of the AJNR, Theron et al. [1] report on a retrospective analysis of carotid angioplasty in 13 patients in whom a modification of a previously described catheter system designed to protect the cerebral circulation during the procedure was used. The temporary arrest of flow within the internal carotid artery and flushing of the arterial segment(More)
OBJECTIVES Levels of stool fatty acid soaps and beneficial bacteria differ between formula-fed and breast-fed infants; addition of specific formula ingredients may reduce these differences. This study evaluated the effects of a term infant formula containing high sn-2 palmitate term infant formula (sn-2) or an identical formula supplemented with(More)
A training curriculum on mental health and aging was developed and disseminated to 32 natural caregivers throughout a frontier state using a train-the-trainer model. Those certified as trainers included social workers, religious professionals, volunteers, long-term care employees, nurses, home health workers, and professional and informal caregivers.(More)
Ulcerative colitis can present in various stages, usually in the young adult. History, symptoms, and laboratory and bowel examination can lead to the diagnosis and proposed treatment. The response of the patient to the disease and drug therapy can vary. Ultimately, surgery may be necessary to prevent colon cancer. The aim is to achieve remission and provide(More)