Margaret A Booth

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A hospital-based case-control study was undertaken to examine the role of human papillomavirus (HPV) in the development of invasive cervical cancer in Brazil. The study included 199 histologically confirmed incident cases and 225 age-frequency-matched controls selected from a wide range of diagnostic categories. A polymerase chain reaction technique was(More)
A total of 22,552 workers employed by the Atomic Weapons Establishment between 1951 and 1982 were followed up for an average of 18.6 years. Of the 3115 who died, 865 (28%) died of cancer. Mortality was 23% lower than the national average for all causes of death and 18% lower for cancer. These low rates were consistent with the findings in other workforces(More)
In further analyses of a cohort of 39,718 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority employees after 7 more years follow-up, cancer mortality, based on 1,506 deaths in 1946-86, was 20% below the national average. Prostatic cancer mortality showed a statistically significant association with external radiation exposure, largely confined to men who were also(More)
A hospital-based case-control study of ovarian cancer was conducted in London and Oxford between October 1978 and February 1983. Menstrual characteristics, reproductive and contraceptive history and history of exposure to various environmental factors were compared between 235 women with histologically diagnosed epithelial ovarian cancer and 451 controls.(More)
The relationship between hormonal therapy for menopause (hormone replacement therapy, HRT) and the risk of epithelial ovarian cancer was evaluated in a collaborative re-analysis of 4 European case-control studies, 2 conducted in Greece and 1 each in Italy and the United Kingdom, including a total of 1,470 ovarian cancer cases and 3,271 hospital controls.(More)
This study investigates the effectiveness of a linkworker intervention, giving encouragement and explanations about breast screening, on the subsequent attendance for screening by 'Asian' women. The control group received no visits. The study population comprised all women with Asian names, from a batch of general practices where high proportions of(More)
To examine the possibility that cytotoxic drugs may cause sterility or congenital malformations in the offspring of women of childbearing age who are cured of cancer a study was conducted of the obstetric histories of 445 long term survivors treated in this unit with chemotherapy for gestational trophoblastic tumours between 1958 and 1978. After completing(More)
The role of reproductive factors in the aetiology of epithelial ovarian cancer has been re-assessed in a meta-analysis of 3 hospital-based case-control studies conducted in Europe (i.e. Italy, the United Kingdom and Greece), providing a total dataset of 1,140 cases and 2,724 controls. Multiple logistic regression models were used to obtain relative risk(More)
The relationship between use of oral contraceptives (OCs) and other contraceptive methods and the risk of ovarian cancer was examined in a combined analysis of 3 hospital-based case-control studies conducted in Italy, the United Kingdom, and Greece, for a total of 971 ovarian cancer cases and 2,258 controls under age 65. Compared with never-users, the(More)