Margalit Bergman

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GABA receptor binding curves were measured in well-washed membrane homogenates from eleven regions of normal human brain and four regions from brains of Huntington disease patients. Computer analysis suggested two populations of receptor sites of different affinity (KD = 10 nM and 240 nM) present in all brain regions but in variable quantity (cerebellar(More)
The plant Inula viscosa has been shown to possess many important medicinal benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal activities, but the plant metabolites that mediate these effects and their mechanism of action are poorly understood. In a previous study, we demonstrated a reduced expression of the p65 subunit of(More)
This study attempts to determine if the neurons in the guinea pig inferior colliculus that project to the cochlear nucleus could use certain amino acid transmitters. The left inferior colliculus was ablated surgically to destroy projections descending to the cochlear nuclei. Nissl and silver stained sections of the brain stem indicated that this procedure(More)
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