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BACKGROUND Cancer is a disease that mostly affects older adults. Treatment adherence is crucial to obtain optimal outcomes such as cure or improvement in quality of life. Older adults have numerous comorbidites as well as cognitive and sensory impairments that may affect adherence. The aim of this systematic review was to examine factors that influence(More)
Building upon the findings of a recent qualitative investigation of women’s experiences with rehabilitative vaginal dilator use, the primary goal of this article is to outline a set of preliminary clinical care recommendations that health care professionals may draw upon in addressing women’s unique experiences with vaginal dilator use including their(More)
This study estimated the prevalence of poor adjustment and family dysfunction among three chronically ill clinic patient populations and assessed the biological, situational, social and psychological variables which most explained poor adjustment. Recently referred subjects were approached and 216 chronically ill subjects (from oncology, rheumatology and(More)
Le dépistage de la détresse est proposé comme une première étape pour optimiser la réponse aux besoins des patients atteints de cancer. Ce changement de pratique peut contribuer à une meilleure coordination des soins, une fonction clé des intervenants pivots en oncologie. Décrire les perceptions d’acteurs clés face à l’implantation du dépistage de la(More)
BACKGROUND The Quality Initiative in Rectal Cancer (QIRC) Strategy randomized 16 hospitals across Ontario to the QIRC strategy versus minimal intervention. The strategy included a workshop, recruitment of a local opinion leader (OL), operative demonstrations, postoperative checklists, audit, and feedback. Surgeons at each intervention hospital used a(More)
UNLABELLED Do children's schemata for occupations they observe in real life differ from those they see on TV? 177 second- and fifth-graders were assigned to conditions in a 2 (real-life or on TV) x 2 (police officer or nurse) design. They answered open-ended questions about what police officers or nurses do (in real life or on TV) and rated the typicality(More)
A descriptive correlational study was conducted to investigate the relationship between perceived social support and mood of testicular cancer patients two to three months post-diagnosis. The conceptualization for the study was based on the cognitive-phenomenological theory of psychological stress (Lazarus and Folkman, 1984). A convenience sample of 30(More)
In a survey of 72 motor-cyclists, their experience of motor-cycle accidents and their perception of future risk were assessed. The results show that they underestimate the chance of having an accident and that their perception of the risks increases following personal contact with the victims of such accidents.
The reliability and validity of a recently developed Meaning of Illness Questionnaire (MIQ) is described. Questionnaire content was based on the work of Lazarus and Folkman (1984b). Three hundred twenty chronically ill subjects completed the 33-item MIQ and two open-ended questions. Subjects also completed the 45-item Psychosocial Adjustment to(More)