Mareva Foster

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The authors have analyzed 47 tumors of the central nervous system (11 glioblastomas, nine meningiomas, three medulloblastomas, 12 assorted primary neural tumors, and 12 brain metastases) for their content of macrophages. Cell suspensions were prepared by enzymatic digestion and macrophages were quantitated by IgGEAC rosette formation. Adsorption of(More)
Although the presence of lymphoreticular cells within tumors has been recognized for over 100 years, it is only within the last decade that the concept has arisen that standard histological examination techniques may lead to an underestimation of the true extent of tumor infiltration by lymphoreticular cells, and particularly by macrophages. The macrophage(More)
Extensive clinical experience has shown that systemic interleukin (IL)-2 administration can induce complete or partial regression of renal cell cancer (RCC) metastases in 15 to 20 % of patients. Since IL-2 has no direct anti-cancer effects, it is believed that cancer regression is mediated either by a direct modulation of immune cell effector functions or(More)
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