Maress Lacuesta

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Previous studies have revealed that the initial stages of memory formation require several genes involved in synaptic, transcriptional and translational mechanisms. In contrast, very little is known about the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying later stages of memory, including remote memory (i.e. 7-day memory). To identify genes required for(More)
Quantitative and qualitative changes in protein methylation have been observed during the treatment of alfalfa cell cultures witl] fungal elicitor. Suspension cultures were treated with elicitor and fed with [~ in the presence of cycloheximide to inhibit protein synthesis. Several proteins were selectively methylated in response to elicitation and by 48hrs(More)
A case of atopic dermatitis with it's classics signs in face and extremities, with an eight years evolution is reported. It was treated with corticoids (local and systemic) with no favorable results. In the allergic investigation it was found a sensibilization to nickel. She was cured by eliminating the nickel from her diet and from the objects in contact.(More)
The early fight-inducible proteins (ELIPs) are nuclear-encoded proteins localized in the chloroplasts and related to cab (light harvesting chlorophyll alb-binffmg) gene family. Light stress controls ELIP expression at different levels, at the level of transcription and the accumulation of the protein in the thylakoid membranes. The induction of ELIP(More)
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