Maren Meister

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Bovine jugular veins (BJVs) (Contegra) are valve-bearing pulmonary artery substitutes. Their valves have higher profiles than human pulmonary valves; this might result in less optimal performance. Therefore, we investigated the impact of stress and undersizing on conduit performance with ergometry, echocardiography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).(More)
Nursing management of the patient undergoing tracheal resection and reconstruction is not well described in the literature. Over the last 25 years, nurses in the respiratory surgical intensive care unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have cared for more than 600 patients who have undergone this procedure. Using a diagnostic format, we have(More)
Migraine and other functional disorders are common and often difficult to treat. Alternative treatment modalities are clearly warranted and gain more widespread acceptance. Psychofonia is a new form of music therapy for treating migraine patients. For each patient an individualized sound pattern is created based on his individual EEG by using computer(More)
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