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Application of locked nucleic acids to improve aptamer in vivo stability and targeting function.
Aptamers are powerful candidates for molecular imaging applications due to a number of attractive features, including rapid blood clearance and tumor penetration. We carried out structure-activityExpand
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Rhenium(V) and technetium(V) complexes with phosphoraneimine and phosphoraneiminato ligands.
Air-stable rhenium(V) nitrido complexes are formed when [ReOCl3(PPh3)2], [NBu4][ReOCl4], or [NBu4][ReNCl4] are treated with an excess of silylated phosphoraneiminates of the composition Me3SiNPPh3 orExpand
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Reactions of Rhenium and Technetium Nitrido Complexes with ER3 Fragments (E = B, Ga, Al, C, P; R = H, Alkyl, Aryl)
Terminal ‘N3—’ ligands in rhenium and technetium nitrido complexes are sufficiently nucleophilic to react with Lewis acids under formation of nitrido-bridged compounds. The reactivity of theExpand
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LEILA-DG Leichtes und laermarmes Gueterwagen-Drehgestell
Um einen Grossteil des prognostizierten Mehrverkehrs der naechsten 15 bis 20 Jahre auf die Schiene lenken zu koennen, sind von Grund auf neue Gueterwagen-Drehgestelle notwendig, die 1. deutlichExpand