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Queues at emergency rooms (ER) are prioritized based on the patient's sickness level. As a consequence, patients with low priority frequently have to wait excessively long. At Mercy Hospital, we began to study means by which such time would be reduced, without putting in jeopardy the life of critical patients. As an initial effort, we studied the flow of(More)
1. Introduction and motivation This paper describes a tool which provides feedback on transcription attempts. Phonemic transcription is one of the requirements of many phonetics and phonology and even general linguistics courses at university level. Transcription of one's native language is a useful mechanism for raising awareness of the sound system and(More)
On-time delivery of the paper is critical in the newspaper industry since it is directly related to the quality of service; therefore, it enhances or damages sales. This study was focused on determining the means to meet required delivery times, and in identifying ways to improve it, so that there is a lower probability of failure. A simulation model was(More)
Simulation modeling has been widely used to study many aspects of FMS design, planing and control. Yet, simulation modeling still offers other capabilities that are proven to be effective for the on-line control of FMS. An example of it is the training of neural nets off-line, so that it will later control the decision making process when the FMS is in(More)
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