Marek Zielinski

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Nearly all present-day commercial intrusion detection systems are based on a hierarchical architecture. Nodes at the bottom of the hierarchy collect information, which is passed to higher nodes in the hierarchy until the root node is reached. The root node is a command and control system that evaluates attack signatures and issues responses. Many single(More)
Application of various types Cu/Low-k materials improve on CMOS FPGA structure a quality of high-speed data transferred between all of their embedded parts. An effective combination of the specialized fast interconnections and high performance logic elements introduces the possibility of implementation in these structures a high-resolution delay cells. The(More)
One of the methods used for presenting the results of the time-interval measurement is a two-sample-difference of quantized data histogram calculation method. The proposed Sub-Channel method allows to increase the precision and minimizes the influence of nonlinearity and quantization error during the time-interval histogram calculation. It is possible to(More)
In this paper compared the algorithms proposed in the method in wireless sensor network. Energy consumption is very important for self-powered radio nodes. But in some applications energy balancing is more important. Wireless sensor networks used in large areas like farmland or warehouses consist of hundreds of nodes. In classic method routing is directed(More)
High resolution Time Interval Measurement Systems (TIMS) can be applied in experimental physics, ultrasonic flow meters, distance meters, or clock period meters. In this paper the problem of single-stage, high resolution TIMS design and implementation in programmable CMOS FPGA devices is discussed. Different architectures of TIMS are compared. Moreover,(More)
– The authors present the methods of ECG signal simulation especially ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction known as STEMI. It occurs in the case of blood flow around and towards heart problem. It is strongly associated with a heart attack due to low level of oxygen transported to the heart muscle. The most common symptoms of this disease are chest pain,(More)
 This paper describes the new method of time-interval-error (TIE) estimation and prediction. This method is very useful for standard clocks characterization and can be applied in high precision measurement and telecommunication systems with high resolution of the time-base. TIE can be easily and fast calculated using only two parameters obtained during(More)
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