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The Arctic system is one of the regions most influenced by ongoing global climate change, but there are still critical gaps in our knowledge regarding a substantial number of biological processes. This is especially true for processes taking place during the Arctic winter but also for seasonal processes, such as the dynamics of intra-annual meroplankton(More)
During the 2004 summer season, 14 sediment samples were collected in Kongs− fjorden and Isfjorden, West Spitsbergen, from 6 down to 345 m water−depth (mwd). The samples yielded abundant assemblage of monothalamous foraminifera, belonging to almost 40 morphotypes. Our qualitative (>125 µm) and quantitative data (125–500 µm) allowed to distinguish three(More)
Multiproxy analyses (including benthic and plank-tonic foraminifera, δ 18 O and δ 13 C records, grain-size distribution , ice-rafted debris, XRF geochemistry and magnetic susceptibility) were performed on a 14 C-dated marine sediment core from Storfjordrenna, located off of southern Sval-bard. The sediments in the core cover the termination of(More)
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