Marek Wegrzyn

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Dupuytren's contracture is a common condition leading to impairment of the function of the hand which affects from 2 to 12 % of the population, mainly males, and presents as progressive contracture of fingers caused by shortening of the palmar aponeurosis. The objective of the work was to present our own approach to managing Dupuytren's disease and evaluate(More)
In this paper we present the report on the design and development of a platform for the intergenerational exchange of favors. This platform was designed using participatory design approach during a 24hour hackathon by a team consisting of younger programmers and older adults. The findings of this report show that inter-generational cooperation in which the(More)
This paper describes a program for the automatic generation of code for Intel’s 8051 microcontroller. The code is generated from a place-transition Petri net specification. Our goal is to minimize programming time. The code generated by our program has been observed to exactly match the net model. It has also been observed that no change is needed to be(More)
The method of reduction of the control memory size in the microprogrammed controllers is proposed in the article. The idea is based on the hypergraph theory. The concurrent microoperations are encoded together thus the total volume of the memory is reduced. In order to receive the proper microinstruction, an additional module – microinstruction decoder is(More)