Marek Veteška

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The structure of pyrenetetrasulfonate intercalated with hydrotalcite, having the formula [Zn(0.68)Al(0.32)(OH)(2)][(C(16)H(6)O(12)S(4))(0.08) . x H(2)O], was proposed based on molecular simulations combined with experimental data (X-ray powder diffraction, thermogravimetry). Calculations were done for samples kept at various relative humidities (0%, 84%,(More)
Strontium phenylphosphonate intercalates with 1,n diols (n=2-4, 6-8) having general formula SrC6H5PO3⋅x(HO(CH2)nOH)⋅yH2O were prepared by precipitation from strontium phenylphosphonate solution and the corresponding diols. Prepared compounds exhibit a very good stability at ambient conditions. The intercalates were characterized by X-ray diffraction,(More)
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