Marek Tluczek

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In response to recent financial scandals (e.g. those involving Enron, Fortis, Parmalat), new regulations for protecting the society from financial and operational risks of the companies have been introduced. Therefore, companies are required to assure compliance of their operations with those new regulations as well as those already in place. Regulations(More)
It is significant for companies to ensure their businesses conforming to relevant policies, laws, and regulations as the consequences of infringement can be serious. Unfortunately, the divergence and frequent changes of different compliance sources make it hard to systematically and quickly accommodate new compliance requirements due to the lack of an(More)
Process-driven service-oriented architectures (SOA) need to cope with constant changing requirements of various compliance requirements, such as quality of service (QoS) constraints within service level agreements (SLA). To the best of our knowledge, only little evidence is available if and in how far process-driven SOAs deal with the evolution of the(More)
There is no low-cost aid for visually impaired people despite several advances in technology. This paper presents a mobile head-mounted device to detect and convert text in natural scenes to speech. The major components of the device are a Raspberry Pi, a high definition webcam, earphones and a portable power bank. The Raspberry Pi is connected to the(More)
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