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Mature Xenopus laevis spermatozoa are capable of binding plasmid pAPrC carrying the complete Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) DNA. Each sperm cell associates, on an average, with 70-160 molecules of the plasmid DNA in a DNase resistant form, if the spermatozoa were exposed to the DNA at a concentration of 1.0-1.4 micrograms/10(7) sperm cells. Fertilization with(More)
Some hematologic parameters have been measured in 80 patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. The patients were divided into three groups: (a) proximal (pelvic and femoral) lower limb macroangiopathy; (b) distal (tibial) macroangiopathy; and (c) control group of diabetics without lower limb macroangiopathy. Mean hemoglobin, hematocrit and fibrinogen values(More)
The authors assessed vitamin A, and its protein carriers vitamins C and E in serum and dialysis fluid of 10 patients with chronic renal failure during 6-12 months of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. Vitamin A and its protein carriers and serum vitamin E were elevated throughout the long-term investigation of continuous ambulatory peritoneal(More)
Chronic heart failure is a complex clinical syndrome characterized by many neuroendocrine manifestations by which the organism responds to the reduced cardiac output--the reduced minute volume. In order to ensure the blood flow to vitally important organs in several regions of the circulation vasoconstriction occurs. The plasma noradrenaline (NA) level(More)
A permanent cell line designated SL4c has been established from a primary culture of murine BALB/c spleen cells regularly stimulated with large doses of irradiated allogeneic cells plus exogenous interleukin-2(IL-2). After 8 months of cultivation, the cells of the SL4c line proliferate spontaneously and do not respond with an increase in proliferation to(More)
Fluorescent in situ hybridization followed by tyramide signal amplification was used to map the site of the c-SRC1 gene on XENOPUS LAEVIS chromosomes. Positive results were obtained with a cDNA probe of about 1 kb. The c-SRC1 gene is located in the subcentromeric region in the long arm of one of the acrocentric chromosomes of the G category (classified(More)
The levels of some cardiovascular risk factors (lipids, apolipoproteins and fibrinogen) were measured in groups of Type-2 diabetic patients with lower limb proximal (ileofemoral) and distal (trifurcational) artery macroangiopathy, diagnosed by Doppler ultrasound, and in a group of diabetics without macroangiopathy. The highest mean levels of total and(More)