Marek Syrzycki

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— A mixed-signal continuous time behavioral model of a continuous time delta-sigma modulator (CT ∆Σ) is presented. CT ∆Σ modulators, by their nature, are mixed-signal systems. That fact creates a discontinuity in the traditional IC design flow which assumes that " discrete " and " continuous " time domain designs require separate design tools. In this work,(More)
The author, whose copyright is declared on the title page of this work, has granted to Simon Fraser University the right to lend this thesis, project or extended essay to users of the Simon Fraser University Library, and to make partial or single copies only for such users or in response to a request from the library of any other university, or other(More)
The paper reviews SERDES technology for storage area networking. A concept of a data switch is introduced to illustrate important role played by switching and backplane SERDES IC's. Selected state-of-the-art devices: 10 Gb/s line side SERDES and backplane drivers are discussed in detail. Particular emphasis is placed on challenges associated with design of(More)
This paper presents a single-stage Vernier Time-to-Digital Converter (VTDC) that utilizes the dynamic-logic phase detector. The zero dead-zone characteristic of this phase detector allows for the single-stage VTDC to deliver sub-gate delay time resolution. The single-stage VTDC has been designed in 0.13 μm CMOS technology. The simulation results demonstrate(More)