Marek Stanisław Kopacz

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Moral injury represents an emerging clinical construct recognized as a source of morbidity in current and former military personnel. Finding effective ways to support those affected by moral injury remains a challenge for both biomedical and complementary and alternative medicine. This paper introduces the concept of moral injury and suggests two(More)
OBJECTIVES (1) Describe the demographic characteristics of student service members and veterans (SSM/V) who seek pastoral care for mental health support; and (2) evaluate patterns of access to mental health care providers among pastoral care users and nonusers. PARTICIPANTS Respondents to the Fall 2011 National College Health Assessment who reported a(More)
Still in its early stages, much work remains to be done in terms of the health promotion of older people in Poland. The aim of this paper is to present the current state of health promotion in older people in Poland on the basis of research conducted within the framework of the healthPROelderly project, presenting the state of health promotion in older(More)
The value of enhanced spiritual wellbeing has largely been overlooked as part of suicide prevention efforts in Veterans. The aim of this qualitative study is to examine the clinical pastoral care services provided by VA Chaplains to Veterans at-risk of suicide. This study was conducted using in-depth interviews with five Chaplains affiliated with a medical(More)
INTRODUCTION Adolescents often look to mass media for information regarding issues of sexuality. As one form of media, teenage magazines have long constituted a pervasive and effective element of adolescent media exposure. Teenage magazines discuss a number of aspects concerning adolescent sexuality. Considering their potential impact on health related(More)
OBJECTIVES Many studies have analyzed the impact of socioeconomic factors and working conditions on health inequalities in working age adults. However, fewer reports focused on older age workers. The aim of this longitudinal study was to assess the influence of education, occupational status, and health-related behavior on mortality patterns in older age.(More)
This study examines differences between Veterans with and without prior Veterans Health Administration service use who received a clinical referral from the Veterans' Crisis Line. Differences between groups were identified using data taken from 13,444 calls and medical records. Approximately 91% of Veterans had a history of service use and 9% did not.(More)
Chaplains play an important role in supporting the mental health of current and former military personnel; in this study, the engagement of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Army, Navy, and Air Force chaplains with suicidality among their service users were examined. An online survey was used to collect data from 440 VA and 1,723 Department of Defense(More)
The present study quantitatively examines the delivery of chaplaincy services to Veterans at increased risk of suicide as well as how chaplains collaborate with other healthcare providers. An on-line survey was distributed to the nationwide network of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs chaplains, yielding a response rate of 11.91% (N = 118). Most chaplains(More)