Marek Simon

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The lateral intercellular spaces ofNecturus gallbladder epithelium were punctured with doublebarrelled ion selective microelectrodes in order to determine the ion concentrations of lateral space fluid and the contribution of the lateral spaces to transepithelial resistance. Neither under control conditions, nor after diluting the bathing fluids to increase(More)
Intravenous iron supplementation is commonly used in uremic patients treated with peritoneal dialysis. Infusion of iron compounds results in various systemic noxious effects, mainly because of its prooxidant and proinflammatory actions. The authors studied how the intravenous infusion of iron sucrose (IS) affects intraperitoneal homeostasis in rats(More)
Implementation of pharmaceutical care (PC) in Poland is of great importance to patients, who, on the one hand, often follow complex pharmacological treatment regimens recommended by several physicians of different specialties, and, on the other, take up the decision on self-treatment due to availability of OTC medications. The aim of the present study was(More)
The pharmacist is an expert with the knowledge of drugs, who has a possibility to follow the patient's individual pharmacotherapy, which is the basis of the pharmaceutical care programme. The implementation of the Individual Medication Management System (IMMS) may be one of the proposals which will enable an analysis of the course of pharmacotherapy and(More)
Synthetic lipophilic membranes, containing sulfadicramide (SDC), disodium salt of hyaluronic acid and disodium salt of taurolithocholic acid were prepared as described (Fürst et al.). Rate constants of SDC release from the above membranes and its apparent permeability coefficients through the comea isolated from the pig's eyes were determined.
Many countries of the world including Poland, are taking actions for improving the role of the pharmacist as a health care professional. One of those is implementation of pharmaceutical care (PC), as a documented specialist medical service, which also includes pharmacist interventions, such as preparing Individual Medication Management System (IMMS), to(More)
The reason of growing Pharmaceutical Care (PC) popularity in Poland and all over the world in recent years is connected with a new idea which separates pharmacists from a stereotype of drug store, dealing only with issuing medicines in adequate doses. There is an intention of emphasizing their qualifications and maximizing the use of them. One of the(More)
The idea of sharing laboratories through the Internet for educational purposes emerged in the nineties of the last century in the USA. Since that time, remote real experiments have registered significant progress and currently are constantly developing. Several authors in their professional studies confirm their educational benefits. The paper presents(More)
We have used the patch-clamp technique to characterize three anion channels in the ventricular membrane of the choroid plexus epithelium from Necturus. The most frequently occurring channel had a nonlinear IV-curve. The conductance in excised patches with 112 mM chloride at both sides was 28 pS at 0 mV, increasing towards positive membrane potentials. The(More)