Marek Sawerwain

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A general definition of a quantum predicate and quantum labelled transition systems for finite quantum computation systems is presented. The notion of a quantum predicate as a positive operator-valued measure is developed. The main results of this paper are a theorem about the existence of generalised predicates for quantum programs defined as completely(More)
Generalisation of the quantum weakest precondition result of D'Hondt and Panangaden is presented. In particular the most general notion of quantum predicate as positive operator valued measure (POVM) is introduced. The previously known quantum weakest precondition result has been extended to cover the case of POVM playing the role of a quantum predicate.(More)
In this chapter a quantum communication protocol with use of repeaters is presented. The protocol is constructed for qudits i.e. the generalized quantum information units. One-dit teleportation is based on the generalized Pauli-Z (phase-flip) gate's correction. This approach avoids using Pauli-X and Hadamard gates unlike in other known protocols based on(More)